Monday, July 11, 2011

A Horsey July and gone with our friends

Every year we have a Fourth of July party, and every year it get's more fun!  This year a girl brought her horse down to the park and was giving free rides to people! I'm pretty excited as you can tell!

Tavia sat on the horse for some pictures
Some of the girls (including me) wanted to ride the horse, but we decided to look around at the  booths for awhile.            

So an hour later when we saw them still there, Jenna grabbed my arm and we skipped off to ride.  Alex and Mollie followed with the cameras!

Jenna went first.
Jenna is 'out there' and lot's of fun.  I love hanging out with her!
Alex went next:)
Here's me!

Mollie is so sweet, It's like being in a room of sunshine when you're with her!
This is Mollie's first time riding!
and the boys, Sam and Jason;  the only words to describe them is
Hilarious and CRAZY!

So, with the Fourth gone, so goes our friends and I miss them all so much:(
But on the bright side,  we will see Judd, Sue, Molly, Sam and hopefully Alex this Friday!