Friday, February 17, 2012

Evil Eyes

Joining Kati's photo Friday

The Evil one.  Also known as Nolie, Is evil itself.  She hides behind curtains and corners waiting for her next unsuspecting victim to walk by and then, BAM!  She leaps out and attacks your leg then runs as fast as she can to hide.  An hour later she hops in your lap and makes herself comfortable.  With a purr she plops down.  She looks so sweet and cute you can't help but pet her.  So you stroke the soft fur and and the purring stops.  She looks at you with her evil glowing eyes.  Your hand goes down for the second stroke and BAM!  
Now you have your 20th scar. 

Kati’s Little Corner of the World

Monday, February 13, 2012


Since I was 9 years old I have loved Horses.  In fact, even when I was younger than that I loved them!  I saw a video of me when I was 3, my little sister had a rope around her stomach and I'm pulling her saying, "come on Sassy!"  Then she'd get bored so I'd put it around the fat grey cabbage patch pony and pull her around for a while.  But I've always dreamed of riding.  I was blessed with horse camps and many other horsey things to do, but sometimes I wouldn't get to ride for months!   

Well,  recently I received a Young Rider magazine in the mail and plopped down on the couch reading it cover to cover.  I read about horse 4-H and the first thing it mentioned is that you don't have to have a horse to participate!  I was so excited!  I thought only people who had horses could join.  
Mom and I went to the 4-H office and we asked about the horseless horse project.  Through a lot of waiting and phone calls I am now part of the Hoof Beats club, and I don't have to join the horseless horse project because my leader will be letting me use her horse to begin.  Her daughter will be giving me lessons for a month and if all goes well, I will get to lease a horse for the summer!!!!!!!!  My horsey dreams are finely coming true!