Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last Saturday my Dad and I added more fencing to the bunny hutch.   Dad and Mom finely decided it's time to get chickens!  So Dad and I went to Par Lumber for some wood ( We searched the wood pile in our alley first. :)  Then we went to the feed store and bought some nails.! 

While  Dad and I built the Chicken Coop Audrey jumped on the trampoline and Mom Blogged!
OK, Audrey helped too!
It was time to dig the hole for a fence post!  Dad dug the post digger into the ground and hit cement!
After 5 try's and finding that there was a cement slab under us we finely found somewhere to dig.

We got this old wooden rabbit hutch from a friend.  It used to be her daughters, for her  rabbit Thumper!

Mom came out to make sure every thing was going well!

All finished!
Now all we need is Chickens!

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  1. Yeah Chickens! It's finally happening! How cool Erin. I wish I was there to see it... :(.