Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We got to spend some time with two special friends who moved to the valley a few years back.  Every time we get together it's a lot of goofiness (As you can see in these pictures!) 

Joelle, Audrey, Cassey, Hillary, Makenna and me

B.F.F 's

Don't worry those aren't real guns!  
Romeo, Romeo...
 It was a hot summers eve after 6 hours in a corsette.   Joelle gracefully fainted onto the fainting chair.  So being the great friend Audrey is she brought out the smelling salts!
Makenna taking pictures of the flowers, me taking pictures of Makenna.
Makenna strangling Audrey with love! 
Joelle thinks she sees a fairy!
Silly Joelle.

Will you be my friend?

Makenna and Audrey taking a peaceful walk in the garden.
Too bad they didn't see the tree branch!
Thank's for being such great friends!
We love you guys!

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Looks like you had tuns of fun! Great Girlfriends make the best memories!

  2. Love this post Erin!! I had so much fun with you! I LOVE that quote. It's so true. :P :)

  3. what great photos of you and your friends. That last pic is making me seriously wish I had some M'n'M's right now:)

  4. You know - many blessings are actually earned. I mean, a blessing is given quite often to those who our father knows will care for them. Great friends make and keep great friends. LIke planting and reaping. You love them and allow them to be everything they are, and they turn right around and do the same for you. You know the parable of the talents? It applies here. When the person who gave these to you asks what you've done with them - show him this blog. He'll be thrilled and very pleased. Good work, seeing and loving so clearly.