Friday, February 17, 2012

Evil Eyes

Joining Kati's photo Friday

The Evil one.  Also known as Nolie, Is evil itself.  She hides behind curtains and corners waiting for her next unsuspecting victim to walk by and then, BAM!  She leaps out and attacks your leg then runs as fast as she can to hide.  An hour later she hops in your lap and makes herself comfortable.  With a purr she plops down.  She looks so sweet and cute you can't help but pet her.  So you stroke the soft fur and and the purring stops.  She looks at you with her evil glowing eyes.  Your hand goes down for the second stroke and BAM!  
Now you have your 20th scar. 

Kati’s Little Corner of the World


  1. Thank you for linking up to Photo Friday! Nolie sounds a bit like our cat Pinky. I don't think she is quite as evil as Nolie but she doesn't mind scratching or biting you if you displease her. :)

  2. Wild eyes! I love the colors of this - the gray, gold and bright red background. What an expression.

    Visiting from your mom's blog. You sound a lot like my daughter. Your interests are very similar. I'll have to send her over here for a visit! (her blog: alittlesparc.blogspot) She's been so busy with homeschooling that she hasn't been posting regularly...

  3. Hi Erin! In answer to your question, Photo Friday pictures can be anything you want. Around Valentine's Day I had the theme of hearts. Any picture you want to enter is fine with me. :)