Thursday, February 3, 2011


I know this is kinda funny posting about Christmas in February, but I didn't have my blog yet.  I had a great Christmas!  It was sooo  much fun spending time with my family.  Here are some pictures to help you see       what a wonderful time I had.
 Please comment and tell me how your Christmas was.

Cory got Psych season 4 from Audrey and me, best gift ever!
Do you think she loves Christmas?
My cousin and her girls looking at Hillary's present
(a wedding photo with her 2 little flower girls) to their family.
grab the bag, put the glasses on, put the hat on, put the nose on , put the gloves on, unwrap the gum,
chew chew chew,blow a bubble and pass the bag!!!
and again...

Playing games!!

 Abby and I with our new pajamas!!! in the bag of course. 
Looking for my 'hide-y' gift.

I found it!!!
   Aunt Anna made us cinnamon rolls!!(you can't really see it but I'm holding them).
Father Christmas? Mother Christmas? Baby Christmas?

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