Friday, February 25, 2011

Pom Pom Flowers

Mom found this idea on one of her favorite blogs, and thought "wow! Those are so cute I know I can make them"!  So we decided to make flowers for our relative's Baptism.  Then days passed and life happens, 'till the night before the Baptism mom sent me out to the Virginia Creeper with a pair of scissors and a jacket.  It was getting dark and I had to hurry and make sure I cut off the best branches.   I came inside and we started making Pom Poms!  In the end we had 6 cute little Pom Pom flowers and yarn and sticks everywhere!  The next day, when I gave Aunt Ami her flower she loved it!  When I handed Uncle Dennis his flower he put his ear up to and said, "I think I hear someone"!  (A.K.A. Horten Hears a Who).  Tavie held hers and looked at it.  What do you expect a two year old to do?  Then Audrey and I walked over to Oscar (who is four) and handed him his flower, he set his Power Ranger on the ground and twisted the flower round and round and upside down, and with a critical face and gravelly voice asked, "Did you get this from a yard sale"?  All we could do was laugh.  He tossed it to the side and grabbed his Power Ranger and started to kill the bad guys again.  I picked up the flower and set in on his desk.
What do you expect from a four year old?

Each stick had cute little curlycue's all over them! 
if you start with fun yarn and cool sticks and a bit of imagination
you can make anything!

The Pom Pom flowers all finished!

All six of our little Pom Pom family!