Thursday, March 17, 2011


Every second Thursday we have our Keepers at home club.  We have a meeting day and then a project day.Today was a project day.   For this meeting, Mrs. Quinn chose decoupage as the craft.  We each got a picture frame to paint.  She had allot of cute stickers and cards that we could cut up and use, but I decided to use my Dick and Jane books that I bought from a thrift store for crafting.  It was allot of fun and I hope to do it again!

Six Dick and Jane books.

I sanded the edge for a older looking effect.

Oh, Oh;
See my red car,
                See my red car go down.
       Down, down,down.

All of us girls working.


  1. These are great...wonderful pictures mom had Dick and Jane readers. Well Erin it is nice to meet you...I have home schooled my kids for 22 years and still going. I have a son named Aaron, and a cousin named Erin, so that name is very special to me.
    I hope you enjoy blogging and meet a lot of wonderful people in blog land.

  2. Oh my goodness! I L.o.v.e. the Dick and Jane photo frame! I am so in to old vintage things and that is just super cute!