Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flower Headband

I found this cute flower pattern at Snazzie  It is very fast and easy.  Plus you get to add your own bits of creativity!  When I saw the pattern I just had to make it!  I ran upstairs and grabbed three different colored fabrics and started crafting.  The best part of these flowers is there's no sewing involved!  All you need is a long strip of fabric, a hot glue gun, scissors and felt!  For the headband I used lace and then hand stitched elastic to it.  Then you just super glue the flower to the head band.        

This is before I attached them to the headband
and put the cutesies on them.
This is the head band I made before I attached the
flowers to it.
the flowers all cutesied up!

The head band all finished.

doesn't she look like Tinker bell?



  1. Totally cute! So often you can never find the right headband...this one is super sassy and totally fit for a little Tinkerbell.

  2. How precious...I love all the roses that are being made out of fabric and even paper. What a cute head band. My daughter always pulled them off...which was so frustrating since she was my only girl.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking at my vintage photos...yes, us 50 year olds have black and white photos...and I have even turned some of my recent photos into black and white.

  3. Go Erin, you are one super creative young lady!!

  4. What an adorable headband! I love the fact that you made it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you visit again! :0)