Friday, March 25, 2011

Me and my Kitty!

Okay, she isn't my cat ,she's my brother's. That means I enjoy her, while he cleans out the litter box and feeds her!  If you can't find the cat just look for me, she's usually in my arms or getting her picture taken by me!  Even though I love her soooo much, I don't think she likes me at all. I have 6 scars and lots of scratches from that cat. But I love her!
I love her so much!
She wouldn't leave the blocks alone!
My Nolie. (short for Seminole. As I said she's my brothers cat) I call her tiny baby kinton.
So innocent?
yeah right!

I must Kill!

Now you know why she hates me.
poor pussy cat.


  1. I also love that cat as she is a decedent from Gracie. I have 2 scars from that darn cat. Yes... it's a love/hate relationship. :)

  2. I've never had a cat but I know if I did I would name it Fourpaws. I, too, think it is fun to dress up animals! Love the little hat... did you make it?