Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fiber Market, Fun Day!!!! part 1

Yesterday mom and I headed out the door to the fair grounds for Fiber Market Day!  I loved burying my hands in the fleece!  I told mom she could buy me a bag of fleece and that I would curl up and sleep in it, but than I probably wouldn't get up. We saw tons of fun and bright colored things.  Mom resisted the temptation to buy all the yummy feeling yarn. At the end of the day she ended up with a bright colored skein, a bag of dyed fleece and some purple roving!  The yarn for her and the fleece and roving for me and my sister! After we were all done looking (which is tummy growling.) we went to Subway to split a foot long!  After we satisfied our hunger we headed for the Thrift Store. I always head straight for the book shelf and right to the old books! I finger through them hoping to find a treasure but never really do.  Mom is the treasure finder. She got a Peter and Wendy book from 1915!  I was sooo jealous. After searching the book shelf I check on my Jane Eyre book, it's too expensive for me but I'm hoping a 1/2 off book sale will be happing soon! So we searched the Thrift Store and mom found some hand spun yarn and a shirt. I will post the other half soon!  

I wish I could've taken it all home!

baa baa white sheep have you any wool?
So cute!

Fun bright hats!
Gotta love the socks!

Drop spindles!

Do you have a treat?

Mrs. Brookhart's spinning wheel!

There were two mommy's with four babies! three black and one white!

So soft!
Food Hog!

Mom's new yarn!
Happy Day!   Isn't he cute!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your pictures with all the bright colored fleece and cute animals, especially the last one, what a face ;-)

    My son is 12 and his blog is Otter World, but he doesn't update very often.