Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been doing the countdown for Tangled to come out on video, and yesterday we went to Costco. I just couldn't resist!

Audrey and I went halves on it!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Spring is coming fast
you can see it in the clouds
Where did the sun come from

It's every where you look
 time to put those sunglasses on
new life

each flower a reminder of God's unfailing love
spring babies

time to bring your camera out

Yeah spring!


Fiber Market, Fun Day!!!! part 1

Yesterday mom and I headed out the door to the fair grounds for Fiber Market Day!  I loved burying my hands in the fleece!  I told mom she could buy me a bag of fleece and that I would curl up and sleep in it, but than I probably wouldn't get up. We saw tons of fun and bright colored things.  Mom resisted the temptation to buy all the yummy feeling yarn. At the end of the day she ended up with a bright colored skein, a bag of dyed fleece and some purple roving!  The yarn for her and the fleece and roving for me and my sister! After we were all done looking (which is tummy growling.) we went to Subway to split a foot long!  After we satisfied our hunger we headed for the Thrift Store. I always head straight for the book shelf and right to the old books! I finger through them hoping to find a treasure but never really do.  Mom is the treasure finder. She got a Peter and Wendy book from 1915!  I was sooo jealous. After searching the book shelf I check on my Jane Eyre book, it's too expensive for me but I'm hoping a 1/2 off book sale will be happing soon! So we searched the Thrift Store and mom found some hand spun yarn and a shirt. I will post the other half soon!  

I wish I could've taken it all home!

baa baa white sheep have you any wool?
So cute!

Fun bright hats!
Gotta love the socks!

Drop spindles!

Do you have a treat?

Mrs. Brookhart's spinning wheel!

There were two mommy's with four babies! three black and one white!

So soft!
Food Hog!

Mom's new yarn!
Happy Day!   Isn't he cute!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Me and my Kitty!

Okay, she isn't my cat ,she's my brother's. That means I enjoy her, while he cleans out the litter box and feeds her!  If you can't find the cat just look for me, she's usually in my arms or getting her picture taken by me!  Even though I love her soooo much, I don't think she likes me at all. I have 6 scars and lots of scratches from that cat. But I love her!
I love her so much!
She wouldn't leave the blocks alone!
My Nolie. (short for Seminole. As I said she's my brothers cat) I call her tiny baby kinton.
So innocent?
yeah right!

I must Kill!

Now you know why she hates me.
poor pussy cat.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flower Headband

I found this cute flower pattern at Snazzie  It is very fast and easy.  Plus you get to add your own bits of creativity!  When I saw the pattern I just had to make it!  I ran upstairs and grabbed three different colored fabrics and started crafting.  The best part of these flowers is there's no sewing involved!  All you need is a long strip of fabric, a hot glue gun, scissors and felt!  For the headband I used lace and then hand stitched elastic to it.  Then you just super glue the flower to the head band.        

This is before I attached them to the headband
and put the cutesies on them.
This is the head band I made before I attached the
flowers to it.
the flowers all cutesied up!

The head band all finished.

doesn't she look like Tinker bell?



Every second Thursday we have our Keepers at home club.  We have a meeting day and then a project day.Today was a project day.   For this meeting, Mrs. Quinn chose decoupage as the craft.  We each got a picture frame to paint.  She had allot of cute stickers and cards that we could cut up and use, but I decided to use my Dick and Jane books that I bought from a thrift store for crafting.  It was allot of fun and I hope to do it again!

Six Dick and Jane books.

I sanded the edge for a older looking effect.

Oh, Oh;
See my red car,
                See my red car go down.
       Down, down,down.

All of us girls working.

Saint Patrick's day

 Happy Saint Patrick's day!!  I hope you had a wonderful green time, and pinched those who didn't. :)
annual green pancakes!

me eating green pancake! 

Christmas socks or Saint Patrick's day socks.